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Wealth Management

The fees for Wealth Management services are paid directly from your investment accounts and are based entirely on the type of account you have. Some accounts are fee based and some accounts are commission based. Regardless of the type of account, written documentation of fees will be provided prior to or at the time of purchase based on the specific product appropriate to your situation.

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Financial Planning

Because life and the markets can change unexpectedly, you need a financial plan that considers your present situation and examines the future “what-ifs”. Our Financial Plans range from $500 to $5000 (depending on the complexity of your situation) and are structured in a way that put your financial goals first and allow you to chart your progress. For more information on our Financial Plans, please give our office a call.

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Tax Services

Our minimum fee for any tax return is $250; we charge on a per-form basis which means that the fee for tax preparation is based on your forms, and not the time it takes to complete your tax return. For more information regarding form charges, please see our fee schedule.

We offer tax consulting and planning for both businesses and individuals for $250 per hour. There is no fee to meet with your tax preparer when either dropping off tax information or picking-up your tax return.

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Bookkeeping and Payroll

Our minimum fees start at $500; we charge based on which services are required, how many transactions take place per month, and how many employees are with the company. These fees are charged on a monthly basis. 

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Price varies based on which product is selected.

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Contact Us

Please contact us if you are interested in any of our services.

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