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For the Things You Can’t Plan for—There’s Insurance

A comprehensive, stable financial plan can insulate you from a lot of life’s unexpected turns, but it can’t protect you from everything. For those situations that might otherwise derail your financial plans completely, Dixie’s Tax & Financial Services offers insurance recommendations and products to keep your future on track. We offer insurance plans in all of the following categories:

Life Insurance – Sufficient life insurance coverage provides your family with financial stability in the time after your passing. This gives them the time they need to grieve and settle family affairs, without stress over making ends meet.

Long-Term Care – As life expectancies get longer, the need for long-term care is much more common. Planning for long-term care needs can help you keep your retirement on track should you require in-home care or residency in a care facility.

Disability – Both short-term and long-term disability insurance can help protect your income if you should become disabled by accident or injury.

Additionally, we provide guidance and support for individuals who have Medicare insurance coverage. We understand that the Medicare marketplace is often far more complicated than many people realize. We’ll help educate you on the various parts of Medicare, supplemental coverage, and other important factors to ensure that you have the insurance you need to protect the things that matter most.

We can match insurance solutions to every other pillar of your comprehensive financial plane through our 3 step process:

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